Skirmish on Planet Starbuck

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Skirmish on Planet Starbuck
Date: ca. 1970 CE
Related Episode(s):
Place: Planet Starbuck
Result: Cy dies and Starbuck stays alone on the planet
Starbuck and Cy Trio of Cylons
none none
Laser Pistol Laser Pistol
Materiel Losses
none none
Cy 3 Cylons
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle near Planet Starbuck Skirmish on Planet Starbuck none

Cy admits to having repaired the laser and tells Starbuck to wait behind the rock. Cy goes to meet the trio of Centurions, informing them of who he is and instructing them to lower their weapons. They ask where the human went off to. He replies, "I extend my weapon that I may perform the following function." Cy guns down two of the approaching Cylons, but the third gets off a crippling shot before Starbuck drops him, and Cy sinks to the ground, mortally damaged. (The Return of Starbuck)