Marcia Case

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Marcia Case
Marcia Case


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Birth Name Marcia Case
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Callsign Showboat
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Introduced The Captain's Hand
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Role Viper pilot, battlestar Galactica
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Portrayed by Stephanie von Pfetten
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Captain Marcia "Showboat" Case is a Viper pilot assigned to battlestar Pegasus.

She is present during Starbuck's briefing about the missing Raptor training party and later participates during the ambush by three basestars, leading Red Squadron (TRS: "The Captain's Hand").

Case is later Thrace's wingman when Pegasus conducts a search-and-rescue mission for a Raptor surveying a nearby supernova. Under attack from a contingent of First Cylon War Era Raiders piloted by Guardians, she breaks through defensive fire from Pegasus's batteries and manages to land on the battlestar intact with Thrace (TRS: "Razor").

Case is later transferred to Galactica after Pegasus's destruction at the Battle of New Caprica and is assigned under squadron leader Ricky "Two Times" Richardson (TRS: "The Passage").[1] She participates in the Battle of the Ionian Nebula, where she is mentioned by Chief Tyrol on the hangar deck (TRS: "He That Believeth in Me").


  1. While Case is not seen in "The Passage," her name is shown among the active pilots on Galactica's duty roster under Richardson.