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"Looking at it in a post-9/11 world, brings with it a different resonance than it did (in 1978 ). It's a surprisingly dark premise. Twelve entire planets are wiped out in the pilot; entire civilizations destroyed and the survivors are on the run from the enemy. They're not heroically doing anything except trying to survive and hunting for a place called Earth... In the original version, where the characters are coming to peace, and in the version I want to tell where they are at peace, suddenly this bolt from the blue happens and it just shocks their collective psyche in a very profound way... What happens to the people in Galactica is what happened to us in September, but in several orders of magnitude larger. It's sort of like saying September 11th happens, but the only people who survive are the people inside the Twin Towers. So it feels like what we'll be able to do is play out the psychic and emotional reverberations of that kind of an apocalypse through the characters and through the series."
--Ronald D. Moore, in an interview with SFX Magazine, June 22