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Quarantine World

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Quarantine World
"Quarantine World"
An album of the Saga of a Fugitive Fleet
Album No. 3
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Artist(s) Noah Hathaway, Robyn Douglass, Terry Carter, et al.
Producer(s) Daniel Earnshaw
Label Explore Multimedia
Tracks 10
Running Time 00:51:00
Discs 1
Released 4 December 2020
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"Fail Safe" Quarantine World "Paradise Void"
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"Quarantine World" is the third of four stories in the Saga of a Fugitive Fleet, a limited series of audiobook dramas.

Ostensively a version of the Original Series with the "serial numbers" filed off, Saga features voice talents of various Original Series' performers while eschewing the use of copyrighted terms and direct references to Original Series tales.

Publisher Description

On a world that should never be visited, time and space are being manipulated and a crash-landed cadet meets someone who just shouldn’t be there…

Track Listing

  1. Act 1
    Track Time: 2m
    Summary: Pending.
  2. Act 2
    Track Time: 1m39s
    Summary: Pending.
  3. Act 3
    Track Time: 5m37s
    Summary: Pending.
  4. Act 4
    Track Time: 1m48s
    Summary: Pending.
  5. Act 5
    Track Time: 8m54s
    Summary: Pending.
  6. Act 6
    Track Time: 1m49s
    Summary: Pending.
  7. Act 7
    Track Time: Pending.
    Summary: Pending.
  8. Act 8
    Track Time: 1m06s
    Summary: Pending.
  9. Act 9
    Track Time: 9m07s
    Summary: Pending.
  10. Act 10
    Track Time: 7m05s
    Summary: Pending.