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The information in this article is derived from the Quantum Mechanix's Map of the Twelve Colonies.
Although official, the information included is only "quasi-canon", and is subject to change in any subsequently released Canon source.

Pallas was a planet in orbit of star "Helios Beta". The largest uninhabitable Kobolian planet in the "Cyrannus system," Pallas had an inclined orbit between that of Virgon and Leonis.

Although it has been speculated that Pallas was once able to support life, the planet is now dead and barren. At some point in history an unknown event or series of events lead to the end tectonic activity, presumably the loss of a magnetic field, and subsequent loss of most of the atmosphere to solar wind.

Despite this, Pallas is still has a significant human population and is home to a number of colonies and a presumably important military research station. The planet was significant enough to warrant a number of attempts to Kobolform it, all of which had failed.


  • See [1] for the various meanings of the Planets name.
  • "Kobolian" and "Kobolform" are the equivalent of Terrestrial and Terraform respectively.
  • There are several similarities between Pallas and real world Mars. They both have a red tinted surface, they are both dead worlds belived to have once been active, and both have been marked as candidates for terrafoming. Infact, that largest differences are that, unlike Mars, Pallas has been reached by humans, and that Mars is much smaller then Pallas.