Nuclear War in Terra

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Nuclear War in Terra
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Place: Terra
Result: Peace
Terran Nationalists Eastern Alliance
President Arends Supreme Commandant of Eastern Alliance
Nuclear Missiles Nuclear Missiles
Materiel Losses
All Nuclear Missiles All Nuclear Missiles
none none
Battle Chronology
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Destruction of Paradeen's Population &

Destruction of Lunar One

Nuclear War in Terra none

The Leaders of the Eastern Alliance confirm their plans to launch a surprise attack on the Nationalists whilst at the same time, in the Nationalist Precedium, The President announces that a peace agreement with the Eastern Alliance has just been reached. The attack is begun, the Nationalist's missiles being automatically launched after detection of the Eastern Alliance's surprise move. Galactica arrives, and following Starbuck's instructions uses its weapons to destroy all missiles from both sides. This surprise turn of events forces the Eastern Alliance to sue for peace. (TOS: "Experiment in Terra")