Mickalean McCormick

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Mickalean McCormick
Mickalean McCormick
Portrays: Boxey
Date of Birth: 1972
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Nationality: USA USA

Mickalean McCormick (born in 1972) is the actor who portrayed the character of Lieutenant Troy (a.k.a. Boxey) in Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming.

McCormick's parents are immigrants from Ireland, who raised him in Providence, Rhode Island in "the nicest section of the worst part of town" and sent him to a Catholic all-boys school there. He recalls first watching Battlestar Galactica in Ireland when he was 5, having the original action figures and Vipers made out of wood by his own father for said action figures.

Originally wanting to be a police officer like his father, he started studying Criminal Justice at Northwestern, later transferring to the University of Rhode Island (URI) due to financial concerns, and only then after taking a few classes, one of them being on acting. Switching majors often, he settled for acting after he found that he excelled at acting courses, and worked on a URI television show called Low Budget Zone. After receiving a BFA in acting in 1996, he moved to Los Angeles, California and, with the help of his brother, a stand-up comedian in Boston, Massachusetts who had connections with other comedians in Los Angeles, he managed to break into the business by becoming an extra.

As an extra, he has worked with Ed Harris in The Truman Show (most of his scenes were cut), as well as worked on Bulworth, NYPD Blue, and other shows and movies as both an extra and a stunt man.

During production on The Truman Show, Dennis Hopper (who was originally cast to play The Truman Show's producer and director, Kristoff) ran over McCormick's foot while driving off the lot. Hopper later apologized, explaining that he had problems learning his lines, and that it was making him crazy. As a result, Hopper was released from his contract, and Ed Harris assumed the role. Other than this incident, he notes that everyone else on the cast was nice.

McCormick's involvement with The Second Coming began when he met Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo) at a Kinkos in Hollywood, California, when McCormick was copying his headshot and resumes. McCormick struck up a conversation with Hatch, who revealed his intentions to produce the proof-of-concept trailer. Believing that McCormick was the right choice for a grown-up Boxey, he asked for McCormick's headshot and resume; six months later, McCormick nailed the audition for Boxey/Troy and began working on the trailer. McCormick is ultimately responsible for bringing Ali Willingham, who played Starbuck's daughter, in the trailer.

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