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Portrayed by Andy Jarrell
Maze is a Cylon
Maze is a Final Five Cylon
Maze is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Maze is one of John Steadman's henchmen.

A cigar aficionado, he shares the same view of Hispanics as his boss. Given these views, he and his buddy, Barrett, would often cause trouble for Hispanics like Hector Alonzo.

When it became apparent that Alonzo may succeed thanks to the interest of two Caucasian farmers, Troy and Dillon, he starts a fire to their newly purchased seed and then heckles Alonzo as they drive by after setting the fire.

Maze would often be coerced to ride Satan, Steadman's mentally disturbed horse, in an attempt to win the reward handed out by Steadman. However, Troy and Dillon win the horse and the prize money after using their technology to alter the animal's alpha waves (1980: "Space Croppers").