Madeline Parker

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Madeline Parker
Madeline Parker
Portrays: Kacey Brynn
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Madeline Parker is the 2-year-old actress who played Kacey Brynn in three episodes of Battlestar Galactica: "Precipice," "Exodus, Part I," and "Exodus, Part II".

In his "Precipice" podcast , Ronald D. Moore says that Parker is "one of the better child actors I've worked with." He goes on to explain that Katee Sackhoff (Kara Thrace) and Parker share a special bond off screen in addition to their relationship on screen. In the same podcast, Moore says that they would play together between takes, and in the "Torn" podcast he says that Sackhoff coached Parker during filming.

At the 2006 Starbase Indy SF convention in Indianapolis, Sackhoff noted that Parker had a tendency to remember other actors' lines. Parker's chanting of the child poem, "Ring Around the Rosey" in "Precipice" was something that Sackhoff taught Parker off-camera.

During the scene where Kacey was injured, Sackhoff noted that young Parker lay perfectly still for 45 minutes and several takes. As it turned out, the little actress fell asleep in the strawberry jam surrounding Parker's head to mimic Kacey's injury.


  • There is a spelling discrepancy with the actress' name. Madeleine and Madeline have both been seen. Though it is not yet definite on which is correct, the more prevalent spelling is Madeline.