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Lyla Ellway

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Lyla Ellway
Lyla Ellway


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Birth Name Lyla Ellway
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Callsign Shark
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Introduced The Captain's Hand
Death KIA, The Captain's Hand
Marital Status
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Role ECO, battlestar Pegasus
Rank Lieutenant (presumed)
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Portrayed by Tammy Hui
Lyla Ellway is a Cylon
Lyla Ellway is a Final Five Cylon
Lyla Ellway is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Lyla Ellway is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
[[Image:|200px|Lyla Ellway]]

Lyla "Shark" Ellway is an ECO assigned to the battlestar Pegasus.

She serves as ECO of Raptor 718 during a Raptor training exercise.

After Raptor 718 and Raptor 314 respond to a false distress signal, all four pilots, including Ellway, are killed (TRS: "The Captain's Hand").