Lorey-field gravity

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In the novelization of the miniseries, the term "Lorey-field gravity" is used to describe the artificial gravity used aboard Colonial Fleet vessels such as Raptors and battlestars such as Galactica.

The name "Lorey" appears to be a made-up reference from the novel, with no known supporting scientific principles discussed. No significant scientific references have yet been found by Battlestar Wiki contributors on research by a person or object named "Lorey."

In the aired series, the concept of artificial gravity has not been discussed, although various displays show information that confirms some sort of artificial gravity is in use. The term that is used is "synthetic gravity field".

The novelization of the miniseries has other marked differences from the aired or sourced content of the series, such as Natasi and Jane Cally. As a result, these differences makes the novelization a separate continuity from the Re-imagined Series canon.

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