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Colony Tauron
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Introduced [[|The Dirteaters]]
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Portrayed by Elisabeth Rosen
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Kolibri is a lieutenant in the Heracleides militia during the Civil War on Tauron (CAP: "The Dirteaters").

She investigates the death of a Herac soldier in the alley near the home of William and Isabelle Adama eighty-eight years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Searching the Adama home, Kolibri and her men discover a weapon belonging to their fallen comrade hidden under the bed of young Sam Adama and take it as evidence that the Adamas committed the murder. Kolibri then tortures William for information on the Ha'la'tha resistance and orders Isabelle's execution. Hiding in a closet, a young Joseph Adama shoots Kolibri and kills her men. Severely wounded, Kolibri watches as Joseph then turns his gun on his father, sending William back to the soil (CAP: "The Dirteaters").