Jim Peck

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Jim Peck
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Portrays: Commentator on Caprica
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Jim Peck is the uncredited actor who portrayed a commentator on Caprica in "Saga of a Star World"[1], primarily known for being a game show host in the 1970s and 1980s on such shows as "The Big Showdown," "Second Chance" and "The Joker's Wild". He was also the court reporter on the 1980s syndicated series "Divorce Court".[2]

Due to their friendship from college, Peck was hired by Richard A. Colla given Peck's on-screen broadcasting background. This is in keeping with Colla's desire to "use somebody who knows how to do whatever it is that is being required of the character, if that is something that is a special skill [like broadcasting]."[3]


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