Fan fiction/Golden Toaster Awards/French Season One

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Here are the results of the First French Golden Toaster Awards:

The various Awards were divided into 3 distinct categories to reflect their variety:

  • The 7 Technical Awards
  • The 5 Special Awards
  • The Normal Awards

The Technical Awards

The 7 Technical Awards were given out during a pre-show : The Red Carpet.

Best Costume

Best Set Design

Best Makeup

Best New Character

Best Podcast

Best Ship

Best Special FX

The Special Awards

The 5 Special Awards were handed out during the Ceremony.

The GINO - For Overall Excellence in Making the Fans Happy By a Cast or Crew Member

L'Inspiration Digitale (The Digital Inspiration) - Moment Most Likely To Be Used in Fanart

The Solium - The moment most likely to set fan messageboards on fire

La SOupe (The TOSser) - For Biggest Plot Blunder/Most Obvious Plot Device, or Continuity Error

Le Moment Politique (The Mrs. Ron) - For Most Relevant Political Scene or Moment

  • The influence of the military on a government

The Normal Awards

The 25 other Awards were given during the Ceremony.