Ezra Barzel

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Ezra Barzel
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Introduced Blood and Chrome
Death Killed by friendly fire
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Marital Status Former husband of Becca Kelly
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Role Cylon War hero
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Ezra Barzel is a Cylon
Ezra Barzel is a Final Five Cylon
Ezra Barzel is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Ezra Barzel is an Original Series Cylon
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[[Image:|200px|Ezra Barzel]]

Ezra Barzel was the husband of Graystone Industries software engineer Dr. Becca Kelly and a hero among Colonials during the Cylon War. Formerly a historian, Barzel chose to enlist and join the fight against the Cylons, but was killed by friendly fire from members of his own unit. Despite the truth surrounding Barzel's death, Colonial propaganda spun his story to inspire others to join the fight. Popularly, Barzel is remembered for single-handedly killing an entire platoon of Centurions and was all but resurrected in the virtual world (TRS: "Blood and Chrome").