Data Clean

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"Data Clean" is one of the many side-missions in the game Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock. In addition to the main story based missions, there are various optional side-missions that you can have your fleets attend to . Completing the side-missions in the game will provide additional benefits in the form of Tylium, Requisition Points, and Cylon FTL Cooldowns.

Mission Breifing

Helena Agathon on starting the mission:

The Cylons have found a government orbital data centre someone forgot to shut down. It's got decades of data ripe for the toasters to pick through. There's no time to secure the asset. Command has given us the all clear to demolish the data centre.

Mission Rewards


  • The mission has a similar objective to the “Station Purge” side mission, in which your objective is to destroy a space station while contending with a Cylon fleet.
  • Opposition is selected from one of several pre-programmed fleets of enemies. It is not possible to determine the size and strength of enemy opposition until you engage them.