Cliff Hooper

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For others with the same last name, see: Hooper.

Cliff Hooper
Cliff Hooper


Colony Presumably Caprica
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Birth Name Cliff Hooper
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Introduced Scattered
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Role Freighter crew
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Cliff Hooper is a Cylon
Cliff Hooper is a Final Five Cylon
Cliff Hooper is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Cliff Hooper was a crew member on the freighter Saul Tigh served on after the Cylon War.

According to Tigh, Hooper did not participate in the Cylon War due to the fact that his affluent father got Hooper a deferment, and because he didn't serve in the war Hooper was always trying to prove that he was a man.

This started a bar fight, which would have gone bad were it not for the intervention of William Adama who relieved the barkeep of his shotgun before the barkeep could shoot Tigh ("Scattered", deleted scene).