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Battlestar Wiki talk:The Twelve Colonies

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I think fleet issues should be treated seperately from the issues of the twelve colonies unless the evidence of a certain item is likely to be found in both. What I mean is, we never see the Quorum of Twelve until the third to last episode of the first season, however it most definitely did exist in the twelve colonies only items such as this should be found in the twelve colonies but because we no nothing of the Quorum of Twelve pre-holocaust nothing more than a reference should be in any substantial article refering to this time. Most people would recognize the fleet post-holocaust is a very unique and different situation from the one experienced on the twelve colonies, therefore the fleet should be treated as such by this site. --Zareck Rocks 21:29, 9 September 2005 (EDT)


Looking over the section on "People from X Colony" I noticed that some of the Banners for the Colonies themselves are incorrectly assinged. Still getting my feet wet regarding WikiEditing...and don't wish to step on any toes...unsure how to go about making the corrections? -- Stratohead

There's been a lot of discussion about the flags of the Colonies. See this page. Before you go swapping the images around, I'd make dern sure you explain what scenes or other information you're basing your edits on. There are a ton of incorrect, sloppily-applied sources for the flags on the internet and we're trying not to be one of them. Anyway, cite your sources (and in this case because it's been debated so long, do so before editing), or the Citation Jihad will come for you in your sleep. *wink* --Day 23:00, 8 February 2006 (EST)

Historical Earth references

Are these things... what sounds egyptian, what sounds jewish, etc... listed anywhere? Someone today mentioned to me that the Twelve Tribes sound like the biblical Twelve Tribes of Israel which spent "40 years of wandering in the desert" before finding a home. I'm a newbie and not sure even where to look.