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Battlestar Wiki Tutorial
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  4. Internal links
  5. Related site links
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  8. Citing
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  11. Registration
  12. Namespaces
  13. Wrap-up
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Battlestar Wiki has related sites for non-encyclopedic content. Linking to these sites can be done easily by using interwiki links. For example, you can link to the "Dog" article on Wikipedia using:


In this case, w: is the interwiki prefix associated with Wikipedia. A list of all interwiki prefixes can be found here.

When using interlanguage links, beware of the difference between:

  • Means the German version of this article can be found at de:Hauptseite
  • Link does not appear in the article text, but in the "In other languages" section of the sidebar

These types of links still support piping as shown in the previous tutorial page.

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