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Citing your sources is the number one goal. Without citing, we can not be a realiable source for the information of the Battlestar Galactica universe. This section is not going to tell you when to cite, but how to cite. In the past few months, we came up with a way to standerize the way "cites" looked. So we imported templates from Wikipedia and edited them to fit our needs. All of the citation templates that we use are located at BW:CITETEM.

All the citation templates same way, but this tutorial is going to show you the most commonly used template, which is the {{cite web}} citation template. Also if you view each template, each template has it's own extensive documentation so you know how to use it and how the fields should be entered. Please open the {{cite web}} citation template in another window, so you can follow along as we will not be posting any information here, that can be found on the template page.

Basic placement

Main article: Battlestar Wiki:Citation Jihad

All citation templates should be placed inbetween <ref>template here</ref> tags as stated in the BW:CITE project. This will auto format the citations in the correct way and allow cross referencing. When adding the first reference to an article, you should also add a reference section to the bottom:

== References ==
<div style="font-size:85%"><references/></div>

Of course, you don't have to add it if it's already there.

{{cite web}}

The most basic "options" for the template we will be using in this example. That means the layout we will be using is as follows: {{cite web|url= |title= |date= |accessdate= |last= |first= |format= |language= }}.

This is a sample text from Season 3 (2006-07):

*The [[Occupation|first episode]] of Season 3 occurs four months after the events of [[Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II]] with the occupation in full swing.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title= Reborn "Galactica" can do battle with the best of sci-fi |date=2006-04-28 |last=Peterson |first=Kim |format= |language=English |publisher=Seattle Times}}</ref>

As you can see, the data is placed with the correct varaible after the equal (=) sign. After each variable the pipe (|) seperates the data fields from going onto one another. Format is not filled in because by default, as the cite web template shows, it will think it's HTML. Format type template has a list of speficied values for assteic purposes.

<ref> options

The ref tag as an option to where if you are citing from more than one source all you would need to do is cite it once, but the ref tag would need the "name" varabile. <ref name="uniquename"> ..insert cite template.. </ref> would be the first reference. Then somewhere else all you would have to do is type <ref name="uniquename"/>. And that's it.

Any questions should be directed to this page's talk page.

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