Battlestar Wiki:Translation Project/Required Translations for Own Wiki

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This is going to be a list of items that should be imported/created on any new language that we create. This is to help create a backend for the language. Please bear in mind, if you add something to this list, and it has templates, categories, etc. that go with it, be sure to list them also as they will be need to function. These documents on your language should always be up to date with the English design and look to maintain the uniform look on the site. This is so people can goto different versions and it feel like it just the same page but in a different language.

Battlestar Wiki Pages

  • Battlestar Wiki:Administrators' noticeboard (en)
  • Battlestar Wiki:Citation Jihad (en)
  • Battlestar Wiki:Spoiler Policy (en)
  • Battlestar Wiki:Standards and Conventions (en)
  • Battlestar Wiki:Policy (en)


  • Template:! (en) -- This is a very important template.
  • Template:Character Data (en)
  • Template:Citation needed (en)
  • Template:Cite book (en)
  • Template:Cite email (en)
  • Template:Cite episode (en)
  • Template:Cite news (en)
  • Template:Cite online journal (en)
  • Template:Cite podcast (en)
  • Template:Cite press release (en)
  • Template:Cite rdm podcast (en)
  • Template:Cite source (en)
  • Template:Cite web (en)
  • Template:Delete (en)
  • Template:Episode Data (en)
  • Template:Episode Guide (en)
  • Template:Episode list (RDM season 1) (en)
  • Template:Episode list (RDM season 2) (en)
  • Template:Episode list (RDM season 3) (en)
  • Template:Episode list (RDM season 4) (en)
  • Template:Episode list (RDM specials) (en)
  • Template:Episode list (1980) (en)
  • Template:Episode list (TOS) (en)
  • Template:Ext-ma (en)
  • Template:Ext-scfipedia (en)
  • Template:Ext-uncyc (en)
  • Template:Ext-ewiki (en)
  • Template:Ext-wikipedia (en)
  • Template:Ext-wikipedia-name (en)
  • Template:Feet2Meters (en)
  • Template:Imdb name (en)
  • Template:Project (en)
  • Template:Newsection link (en)
  • Template:Meters2Feet (en)
  • Template:Message box (en)
  • Template:Ship Data (en)
  • Template:Spoiler (en)
  • Template:Spoilerbelow (en)
  • Template:Spoilerplate (en)
  • Template:Spoiltext (en)
  • Template:Welcome (en)
  • Template:User Data (en)
  • Category:Flag templates (en)

MediaWiki Namespace

  • MediaWiki:Recentchangestext (en)
  • MediaWiki:Uploadtext (en)
  • MediaWiki:Uploaddisabledtext (en)
  • MediaWiki:Upload_directory_read_only (en)
  • MediaWiki:Tagline (en)
  • MediaWiki:Sharedupload (en)
  • MediaWiki:Nstab-project (en)
  • MediaWiki:Noarticletext (en)
  • MediaWiki:Proxyblockreason (en)
  • MediaWiki:Protectmoveonly (en)
  • MediaWiki:Protectedtext (en)
  • MediaWiki:Protectedpagewarning (en)
  • MediaWiki:Protectcomment (en)
  • MediaWiki:Protect-text (en)
  • MediaWiki:Newarticletext (en)
  • MediaWiki:Confirmedittext (en)
  • MediaWiki:Confirmdeletetext (en)
  • MediaWiki:Edittools (en)
  • MediaWiki:Longpagewarning (en)

Portal Namespace

  • Portal:box-header (en)
  • Portal:Box-header-collapsible (en)
  • Portal:box-footer (en)

Main namespace

  • Main Page (en)