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TOS Article Pips

With the plethora of RDM series articles, the Original Series articles are getting harder to identify. By using badges or "pips" in the upper left corner of these articles, readers can know at a glance if the subject of the article is Original Series and not Re-imagined Series related.

We would not create an "RDM badge". While Battlestar Wiki doesn't give favoritism to Re-imagined Series material over Original Series, the point that new canonical Original Series material is not available, and the RDM series, by its longer run, will naturally have more articles on Battlestar Wiki.

  • What is the benefit of this proposal to the wiki?

The visual identification of the articles will aid readers who browse to know that the subject matter is related to Original Series content.

  • What is involved in implementing this idea?

A special badge (currently, the {{TOS}} template was created as a trial template) is added to any TOS subject page, excluding cast and crew biographies.

  • Who is going to do it?

This update could be done manually or through a bot that can distinguish TOS cast and crew articles from subject and episode articles that should get the badge.

  • Why should we do it at all?

Original Series articles, particularly ones without screencaps, can be difficult to differentiate when browsing and having to read the categories. This badge identifies the article at-a-glance to the reader.

  1. How will we use the idea?

Self-evident; for reader article identification.

  1. Should the proposal pass, when will work start on this idea?

The trial template is already in place. Comments and consensus on a final badge, size and placement, should be discussed. Once ready, anyone can apply it.

  1. Where will this idea be implemented? (e.g. Will it be on certain types of pages or the entire Wiki in general?)

This badge should appear ONLY on TOS subject articles, not TOS cast and crew articles. It could be used for 1980 articles as well, or a special version (say, a flying motorcycle) could be created for these few articles.

See also

These articles were updated with the trial badge to illustrate it. The dark badge's icon size was increased to give it more visibility.

Also, see an earlier discussion and experimentation on such badges.