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Battlestar Wiki:Think Tank/RDM Reorganization Effort

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RDM Reorganization Effort

Given the existence of Caprica as its own separate series and that it is a canonical predecessor to the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica (which we refer to as the "Re-imagined Series"), it behoves us to reorganize and redefine what "RDM" now means.

Previously, "RDM" meant anything relating to the Re-imagined Series itself; we used the initials of Ronald D. Moore to distinguish his series from the Original Series—itself distinguished through the acronym "TOS". (Lest we make any mention about Galactica 1980. Ahem.)

Even when Caprica was announced, it was considered to be in "development hell" and all that jazz, so we didn't really address the issue then. Hell, even when the pilot was released no one was sure whether or not it would be picked up as a series, so we ran with "RDM." However, given that Caprica is now a series—with a possible second season in the pipeline—the issue of cataloging it and signifying what is specific to Caprica and what is specific to the Re-imagined Series rears its head.

With this in mind, I believe the following changes are in order:

Issue 1: Acronyms Redefined

Acronyms need to be redefined and established. Assuming this proposal goes through, the following acronyms will be used:

  • RDM will now be used to define anything in the Re-imagined Series and Caprica canon; it is the umbrella under which both series fall.
  • TRS ("The Re-imagined Series") will be used to describe anything occurring in the Re-imagined Series (also known as "The 'New' Series" or the "re-imagined Battlestar Galactica."
  • CAP will be used to describe anything in the Caprica series.

Issue 2: Categorization

As the acronyms are now re-defined, the category scheme will also be changed to the following:

In essence, Category:RDM will be the major top-level category (along side Category: A to Z), with Category:Re-imagined Series and Category:Caprica (series) being second-level categories.

When it comes to the categorization of characters, places, and so forth, we will still maintain the standard format, i.e. Category Name (acronym).

For instance, when it comes to characters:

Issue 3: Inline Citations

When using the inline citations for episodes in all of the articles, there is presently no method used the signify the series. For instance, from the article on opium:

An opium den is referred to directly by Doctor Sherman Cottle while talking to Cally (The Ties That Bind). Such places were legalized in the decades prior to the First Cylon War (Gravedancing).

There are two series depicted in that sentence, but no way for the reader to readily discern what series "The Ties That Bind" was from, much less "Gravedancing."

Thus, this proposal will introduce another attribute to the inline citation method: the use of linked acronyms: TOS, 1980, TRS, and CAP. The new citation method will be: (ACRONYM: "EPISODE TITLE")

Therefore, the paragraph used in this example will now have the following citations:

An opium den is referred to directly by Doctor Sherman Cottle while talking to Cally (TRS: "The Ties That Bind"). Such places were legalized in the decades prior to the First Cylon War (CAP: "Gravedancing").

Further, all infobox cites (like the character summary boxes) will use the same citation method.

Issue 4: Deployment

Deployment will take a while, since we have nearly 4,000 articles on the English wiki. There will be inconsistencies for a while in terms of these citations, but ultimately this will rectify itself.

Questions, comments, or concerns...

Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this proposal should be posted here.