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Norman Blore driving his wife and two Cylons to a costume party (The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I).

Norman Blore[1] and his wife Shirley are driving to a Halloween party where Wolfman Jack is in attendance. Norman is dressed as a clown, although he is far from jovial, particularly since he is the second Earthling known to have first contact with a Cylon.

The "disguised" Cylons Andromus and Centuri accept a ride from Norman, needled by Shirley who believes they are humans such as they are, merely dressed up for the festivities. Unlike the laughing Shirley, his reaction is one of trepidation and discomfort. ...continued...

  1. Colonel Briggs refers to Norman as "Mr. Blore" when questioning the people at Arnie's party in "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II". The spelling is derived from the subtitles from the Region 1 DVD set.