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Battlestar Wiki:Featured articles/Archive/Battlestar Galactica (SDS)

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Cylon design for the cancelled Battlestar Galactica continuation series

An effort to create a continuation of the original Battlestar Galactica series was formulated through the Sci Fi Channel's former executive vice president, Bonnie Hammer, in June of 2000.

Director Bryan Singer and producer Tom DeSanto, who met over an air flight while Tom was watching the Original Series on DVD, began talking as well about a revival of the series around the same time. ("SDS" is Battlestar Wiki's shortcut designation, using the last initials of the revival leaders.)

By the start of 2001, the rumors increased of the likelihood of a new series. The rumors were confirmed by February of that year, and the holders to the rights for Battlestar Galactica, Studios USA, announced that Bryan Singer and his collaborative team were intent on maintaining the spirit of the Original Series. ...continued...