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Battlestar Galactica Movie

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Battlestar Galactica
Created by Lisa Joy (script), Francis Lawrence (director)
Theme music by
Production company Universal
Number of seasons
Number of episodes 1 (list)
Debut channel
US first-run airdates USA
UK first-run airdates UK
DVD release
Production staff
Executive producer(s)
Supervising producer(s)
Associate producer(s)
Story editor(s)
Online Purchasing
Available at iTunes – [ Purchase]

A Battlestar Galactica Movie by Universal is being developed. Lisa Joy will write the script, and Francis Lawrence intends to direct. The movie is theorized to expand on the 1978 series.


The movie has had a prolonged development process. Glen A. Larson entered negotiations with Universal pictures in early 2009.[1]Director Bryan Singer who signed on to reboot the movie left to direct another movie instead.[2] A script was written in October 2011,[3] but by August 2012 it was being rewritten.[4] In April 2014, Jack Paglen had been hired to script the film.[5]

By June 2016, Lisa Joy was writing the film.[6][7]


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