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At present, there are 20 featured pictures, and 0 potential featured pictures.

Criteria for a Featured Picture

A featured picture should have the following attributes:

  • Be able to tell the "feeling" of the emotions.
  • Must follow the Image tagging Policy
  • Summary, Copyright Info, and Description must be filled out.

The following do not qualify as Featured Picture candidates:

  • Unfinished tags, {{no tag}}, {{BW image}}, {{user image}}
  • Past, Current, or Future Featured pictures that have been marked.
  • If the image is currently in the current featured article, the image is disqualified until the article is not active anymore.

The featured picture should be decided before the 7th day of the next month, which on the 7th day the featured picture should be changed. All nominations should be posted and narrowed down to 8 images, within the first 6 days of the next month.

Identifying a Potential Featured Picture

Featured Pictures should be identified as such, so that a master list can be created. If you think an article should be a featured article on the front page, submit it first as {{featured picture candidate}}.

Essentially, this would be done in the following way:

  1. A contributor tags an image page with {{featured picture candidate}}, then adds their notes to the current picture debate session explaining their reasoning. A list could also be maintained here, either manually updated or as a link to a "feature candidate" category. Only 8 pictures for the next month shall be in the process of becoming a featured picture.
  2. Involved members of the community will then discuss the candidate picture. Typically, they should be as constructively critical as possible.
  3. Once this is done, the picture will be tagged {{featured picture}} and placed on the Main page.
  4. Previous featured picture candidates will be marked with {{featured picture candidate previous}} to indicate that they were previously nominated.

List of Chosen Featured Pictures


List of Featured Picture Candidates

Category:Featured picture candidate

Read the debate for choosing the best featured picture.

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