Armin Diaz

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Armin Diaz
Armin Diaz


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Introduced Blood and Chrome
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Role CAG, battlestar Galactica
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Portrayed by Zak Santiago
Armin Diaz is a Cylon
Armin Diaz is a Final Five Cylon
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Captain Armin "High Top" Diaz is the CAG aboard Galactica circa 42 BCH (58YR), the 10th year of the First Cylon War.

Diaz gives the newly-arrived Ensign William Adama his first piloting assignment — as pilot of Raptor 909 a.k.a. Wild Weasel, replacing the recently deceased Oliver "Fanboy" Bead. He is quick to dress down Adama after he snickers at the idea of "driving a bus" (TRS: "Blood and Chrome").


  • Diaz has a pronounced limp which requires him to use a crutch on his right side.
  • Diaz is also in a sequence cut from the early part of Blood and Chrome. After his initial arrival, Adama and Coker Fasjovik are immediately assigned a mission with a squadron of Raptors to clear an asteroid field of Cylon missile emplacements. After Adama nearly allows himself to be shot down while attempting to take down two missile batteries at once, Fasjovik complains to Diaz that Adama is too dangerous to fly with, resulting in Diaz chewing out Adama, saying that he considers he and his co-pilot "married" and that they had no choice but to learn to work together.

Preceded by:
Commander, Air Group, Galactica Succeeded by:
(eventually) Jackson "Ripper" Spencer