Anthony De Longis

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Anthony De Longis
Anthony De Longis
Portrays: Taba
Date of Birth: March 23, 1950
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Age: 74
Nationality: USA USA
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Anthony Charles De Longis[1] (born 23 March 1950 [1]) is an American actor, fight director, sword master, professional weapons trainer, horseman, and writer[2] who portrayed Taba, the young Borellian Nomen in the Original Series.

Born in Glendale, California[1], De Longis has appeared in many genre and popular television series, including 1980s' version of The Twilight Zone, 1990s' version of The Outer Limits, Babylon 5, The A-Team, Highlander: The Series, and Star Trek: Voyager.

In Star Trek: Voyager, he portrayed First Maje Culluh, a Kazon, though this was not his first trek into the Star Trek franchise: he provided voices for various characters in Interplay Entertainment's two Star Trek: The Original Series games, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: Judgment Rites.

Apart from acting, he works as the fight director at the Los Angeles Music Center Opera, a position he's occupied since 1985.[2]

De Longis is also an instructor in professional stage movement and combat, having taught Michelle Pfeiffer whip handling for the movie Batman Returns, Angelica Houston for Buffalo Girls and Ellen Barkin for Wild Bill.[2] Additionally, from 1974 to 1993, De Longis taught fencing, stage combat, and character movement at the Theater Arts Department at University of California, Los Angeles.[3]

As an experienced horseman, De Longis is a founding member of The Australian Light Horsemen, a "mounted calvary team that performs realistic combat routines with sabers, lances, bullwhips and pistols".[2]

De Longis has also been awarded with the Dramalogue Award for choreography in Mark Taper Forum's Julius Caesar.[3]

According to actor Robert Feero (who played fellow Nomen Bora), as of 1979 De Longis had achieved a Black belt in Kung Fu.[4]


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