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Age 30
Colony Gemenon
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Birth Name Lowly Extra
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Callsign Hawke
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Death Frequent
Siblings 1 BSG-watching brother
1 uncool brother
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Role Raptor handler
Tech specialist
Rank Specialist
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Hawke is a Cylon
Hawke is a Final Five Cylon
Hawke is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Hawke is an Original Series Cylon
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Are you... alive?


Like any good tech specialist, I'm endeavouring to locate all the costuming items and props used by the Colonial Fleet and Marines. I'm of the opinion that, since this is a TV show (as in, limited budget), and set in a non-historical time period (as in, this is fantasy, people), that there shouldn't be any deductions made, on our part, towards the relativity between items in real life and items depicted in the show. It's a dollied-up gun, we don't have to try and explain its workings in Battlestar Galactica terms. And yes, some of the costumes and uniforms will look an aweful lot like real-life uniforms, such as MARPAT, It doesn't mean that it's standard day-to-day regulation uniforms for the Colonials.

As a costume-parting-shot note... Someone on the staff really likes to put Tricia Helfer (Six) in leather, didn't you notice? :)