Remi Aubuchon

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Remi Aubuchon
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Remi Aubuchon is the co-creator (with Ronald D. Moore) of Caprica and one of the three executive producers (together with Moore and David Eick) of the pilot. Originally slated for the position of showrunner, he left Caprica in early 2009. Aubuchon is credited as developer in all regular episodes.


Aubuchon is a son of actor Jacques Aubuchon. He is an American TV screenwriter and producer, as well as a respected theater director. He trained under an American Film Institute Directors Fellowship. He was the creator of the short-lived series The Lyon's Den, and an executive producer and writer on Summerland and 24. Aubuchon is currently a writer and producer on Stargate Universe.


According to an interview with IFmagazine, David Eick said that they had been contemplating a spinoff prequel series since Season 2 began and were tossing around ideas. About the same time, 24 writer Remi Aubuchon pitched a series that had a lot of similarities to the Cylon storyline. Realizing that they could not devote their full time to both Battlestar Galactica and a spinoff, Moore and Eick decided to merge with Auchubon, seeing it as an opportunity: "We took some of what we had and some of what he had ".

According to a post on the official messageboard by Ron Moore's wife Terry Dresbach, executive producer Remi Aubochon will be the showrunner for "Caprica," in charge of the writing staff. Ron Moore will oversee and approve the story arcs, casting, sets, and read the scripts, though Moore will probably rarely write an individual episode for Caprica.

In an interview in Dreamwatch Magazine in May 2006, Remi Aubuchon said that he originally pitched a series which was an "allegorical story about slavery with robots," when approached by Moore and Eick. Aubuchon stated that William Adama will be 11 years old when the series begins. Aubuchon described the new show by saying, "This is a very human story about how our own hubris can lead us to disaster". He goes on to say that Caprica is meant to stand on its own from BSG: while still addressing backstory issues from Battlestar, it will not be required to have watched it to enjoy Caprica. However, "certain elements have been embedded into the first few episodes of season 3" of Battlestar Galactica, which might refer to things which will be further fleshed-out in the prequel series.

In March of 2008, it was announced by the SciFi Channel during a news conference that Caprica would get a two-hour pilot episode that would begin production soon.

In September 2008, Aubuchon took a job as a producer and showrunner for the Fox mystery drama Persons Unknown.[1]

By January 2009, when preparations were underway for the first season of Caprica, Jane Espenson was preparing to take over as the series' showrunner.[2] Aubuchon's direct involvement with the series has ended.


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