Obal Ferras

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Obal Ferras
Obal Ferras


Colony Gemenon
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Introduced "Unvanquished"
Death Stabbing ("Unvanquished")
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Role Conclave of the Monotheist Church
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Portrayed by Winston Rekert
Obal Ferras is a Cylon
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Obal Ferras was a member of the conclave of the Monotheist Church on Gemenon. Having previously worked with the Soldiers of the One at their Gemenon training camps, Ferras came to know a young Clarice Willow. 58 years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Ferras declared Clarice's notion of Apotheosis tacky and blasphemous and sought permission from "Mother" to have her eliminated. Having rallied other members of the conclave as well as the STO to her side, Clarice instead had Ferras murdered by stabbing (CAP: "Unvanquished").