Cylon Shooter

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Remember to drink responsibly (unless your name is Saul Tigh).
A skin job and Cylon lover drinking Cylon Shooters in the Season 1 "Lowdown."

In the Season 1 "Battlestar Galactica: The Lowdown" special presentation, Grace Park, who plays Number Eight, and Tahmoh Penikett, who plays Karl "Helo" Agathon, make a "Battlestar Galactica" inspired cocktail called a "Cylon Shooter."

"The Battlestar Galactica Drinking Game" is the perfect opportunity to try out your creations.


A Cylon Shooter. Watch out for red-eye after drinking.

To make a Cylon Shooter, gather the following ingredients:



  • Mix about one cups full of Lychee fruit, Lychee juice, and coconut cream together in a blender.
  • Take the mix and fill a double shot glass half full.
  • Put 3 drops of Tabasco sauce on the top of the mix.
  • Fill the rest of the shot glass almost all the way up with vodka, but leaving 1 cm or so of space left.
  • Top off the space with some grenadine and place a cherry into the shot glass.[1]

Alternative Recipe

Mix equal measures of each into cocktail shaker and simply pour into a shot glass.[2]


Excerpt featuring the "Cylon Shooter," presented by Grace Park with an unsuspecting Tahmoh Penikett.


  1. Ingredients given in The Lowdown, measures guesstimated.
  2. Submitted to by Ryan McCumber