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If you can get enough people to help you with a translation, I am sure Joe wouldn't mind settings up another "lang" site so you can have the wiki fully in your native tounge. --Shane (T - C - E) 01:09, 16 June 2006 (CDT)

Yeah, I'd like to. I am trying to gain more attention from other Chinese fans to see whether some of them can join this project. It will be better to create our own Chinese site. Thank you in advance. SuperMMX 01:48, 16 June 2006 (CDT)

One more episode and the portal is done for season 1 and 2! :) --Shane (T - C - E) 23:59, 14 August 2006 (CDT)
 :) But it is just for the short summary, not the whole episode. I will continue working on it. --SuperMMX 23:59, 15 August 2006 (CDT)


Your the first user to use the new CSS.... did you understand it? --Shane (T - C - E) 00:44, 22 August 2006 (CDT)

YEP!! It confuses me that the preview of the episode that I am translating doesn't look like the English one. :) Now I understand. Thanks for your work.--SuperMMX 01:04, 22 August 2006 (CDT)
You should check out the media front page. I just finshed working on some complex Picture of the Week code. :-) --Shane (T - C - E) 01:18, 22 August 2006 (CDT)

Check out..

Battlestar_Wiki_talk:Official_Representation#Internationalization_Representation on my idea for promoting your lang. --Shane (T - C - E) 17:48, 22 August 2006 (CDT)

Tell ya, if you can get 10 people, I am sure we could switch the Spansih wiki to Chinesse without any problem. Then you don't have to worry about sub-pages :) --Shane (T - C - E) 23:59, 30 August 2006 (CDT)


很高兴能加入这个工作,这一个星期来我一直在熟悉wiki的使用环境,但还是有些不甚明白。用subpage创建页面是什么意思?是在门户里直接点击还未存在页面的链接来产生新页么?还有,如何实现目录框功能?不好意思,还请劳神解释一下:) 另外,我现在对翻译还很不熟练,有什么错误或不对的地方,多多包涵。----xmuxsp

门户的页面怎么变成这个样子了?是不是出了什么问题?。----xmuxsp 2006.9.18

猪头我来了 --Fancyfly 10:33, 14 October 2006 (CDT)