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== this story is only my imagination. The genius who cread artificial intelligence,he is believing human is not able to survive in the future.Approximately 3,600 years before the events in the Miniseries, the oracle Pythia recorded her prophecy of the exile and rebirth of the human race (The Hand of God). Cylons are a creation of this genius , androids used primarily for dangerous work and for wars in the early years of the Twelve Colonies.Before the federation, every colony fight each other with his cylon war machine. genius death in this colonial war time but he is finding the way transfer brain fonction and personality to the new models of Cylons(prototype) that were organic in nature and essentially identical to human.Cylons were constructed for the purpose of performing tasks no human desired to do, which in time included the arduous and violent job of waging war.After this transfer they have human desire and prophecy of the exile and rebirth of the human race .The Cylon War (or "First Cylon War") was the conflict that ended over forty years prior to the events of the Miniseries and involved the Cylons revolting against their role of servants to the Colonials. While the Cylons used Raiders and basestars, the Colonials developed the first battlestars, of which Galactica was is possible that the Cylon War was what precipitated the unification of the Twelve Colonies.This genius is now god of cylons ,he is immortal,first cylon war is unprepared war.But the Cylons' hatred and envy of mankind ran deep within their programming. The Cylons continued in secret to work towards the destruction of the human race during their absence, devising an elaborate plan to wipe out the Twelve Colonies through nuclear bombardment, computer sabotage, infiltration and vast numbers of fighting craft. The Cylons return forty years later, routing the Colonial Fleet and destroying billions of people and their cities, killing all but approximately 50,000 humans. These survivors leave the occupied Colonies, never to return, initially guarded only by a lone battlestar, Galactica.The SciFi Channel will delve into the backstory of "Battlestar Galactica" with a new series that looks at the creation of the race of robots known as Cylons by the humans of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol and the eventual revolt of the Cylons against their human masters, which will lead the two races to become locked to the death in a bitter war for their respective survivals.