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Battlestar Fanon an Invitation to all

Dear CalulatinAvatar Im the creator and head Administrator of Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki A new fan fiction based wiki on Wikia and I was hoping that either yourself or someelse on this wiki would care to join. In this new wiki you can create you own new characters, ships or stories all set in the Galactica universe. The main reason I had created this wiki was that I knew that many Galactica fans found the series finale to be somewhat disappointing and somewhat annoying (Ive read both the forums here and on SCI and while many fans wanted to write their own version of Daybreak had little venues to do so. Also Im hoping for 2 other things 1. to create a Quorum of 12, a team of 12 Admins. to act as Galactica Fanons main staff and 2. that either yourself or someone else on this wiki would want Galactica Fanon to be a Sister site to this wiki. I hope you call back on this soon with you response. Thanks. -- From StarbuckPegasus12 4:43 PM. (PST) 05 May 2009