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Hi everyone! I figured I might as well post my intro to this service. My name is J.R. and I'm from East Lansing, MI (home of the Michigan State Spartans). I graduated there in 2002, now pursing graduate opportunities.

I'll admit, I never did get into the old series (I was just coming into the world as it came out). I saw the series on SciFi a few times, but they were random and didn't do much for me.

When I first saw the Miniseries, however, I was an instant fan. The grittiness and realism was a very real part of Science Fiction that was missing; The series brought that back in a big way. No more glamorous "utopian" lifestyles of The Next Generation, but something more closer and something more of us can relate to.

I do hope to post more in the future, asking questions. Also, this is my first "wiki" experience, so apologies in advance if I don't get it right. If there are questions, the board is open.

Update (2/26/06): I'm also going to start contributing to the The Great Machine: The Babylon 5 wiki (also under "Sgtpayne"). Check it out! :)

2/20/07: Another update. I'm looking forward to getting back into contributing after the hiatus I took in Season 3. So say we all!