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Lee Thompson-Herbert
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Still available to draw graphics from scratch if needed, or to screencap anything from seasons 1 and 2.0 I don't have the 2.5 DVD yet, but I will, oh I will. Thanks to oddities of MacOS X, I do my screencaps by hand (1 by 1) rather than with a software package that takes a cap every N frames or every N seconds. This means I'm much more selective about what I capture. I've been looking at the Image Request list, but I note that more "We need an image of <blah>" type of comments show up on the article talk pages. If you have a specific need, drop me a line.

Some low-resolution examples of my work:

I've disgorged my set of Season 3 Teaser screen captures. I'm told they have their own page Battlestar Wiki:Island of Misfit Images/Season 3. Be careful, they're spoilerific.

Newest set of freely available artwork for fan art is Ship Patches and Insignia.

vector artwork (Illustrator .eps) for older packages:

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