So, a little bit about me. And I do mean a little bit -- I hate talking about myself. :P

I'm married and my husband and I live in a little town in central Ohio with our two cats, two dogs, and two tanks of tropical (freshwater) fish.

I started writing fanfiction a couple of months after the final episode of Farscape aired, because at that time, there was no real end to the story in sight and I couldn't bear the thought of it just... ending, you know? So I wrote my own ending. And I shared it with a few (hundred) friends on the internet. And they liked it and encouraged me to write a bit more. So I did.

I'm now up to about a dozen Farscape fanfics and, well, so far, probably around 4 dozen or so Battlestar Galactica (TNS) fanfics. And there's also a Firefly fic and one BSG/Farscape crossover.

I also make fanvids (kinda like fanfic, only with clips from a show -- in this case mostly BSG-TNS -- melded to music).

Someday, when I grow up, I'd like to be a real live published riter. Erm, I mean writer.  ;)

And now, a link to my fic: OMG I wrote how much???