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Uh, hi, I'm Mike Danger. I got into Battlestar channel surfing around one night, and sat through The Hand of God and thought the show was pretty darn interesting. Then, I saw a review on AICN for Kobol's Last Gleaming that was practically frothing at the mouth for the show, and decided I'd go around again.

Now, I run down to my basement every Friday with whatever junk food I can scrounge up and plop myself down for another week in search o' Earth.

When I'm not digesting the latest exploits of Adama and Company (Was Exodus Part Deux awesome or what?!), I enjoy futzing around with computers, reading, exploring the Interweb, and following my other fiendish addiction, Heroes.

That's about it for now. I'll make this look sleek an' awesome like Mr. Beaudoin's page and those of others when I'm bored sometime.