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Not sure what to do with this page so I figure I'll just ramble incoherently for a while.

My first name is Josh and I'm a big fan of the current series but as for the original series...not so much. My dad also loves this show.

I'm an atheist but one of my favorite aspect of this show has always been the mythology of the Cylon God and the Lords of Kobol. I'm a big mythology fan myself so I get a kick when they mention Zeus or one of the other gods. Personally I love the interactions with Baltar and Six...they sort of make the show for me. I relate more to Baltar than anyone else on the show but I love almost everyone on the show (except Apollo and Starbuck...Starbuck is kinda is Apollo now that I think about it).

I'm a huge Marvel comics fan (particularly a comic called Thunderbolts). If anyone ever posts on the alvaro comic boards you might have noticed me.

I'm from a podunk town in southwest Georgia. I have a couple degrees in computers but I wouldn't say computers are a huge passion of mine...I just sort of stumbled into the IT field. Right now I'm studying for a Network + certification and a CCNA certification.