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Age: 23

Sex: Male

Height: 5"11'

Weight: 180 to 195 pounds

Hair: Short Blonde

Eyes: Blue-Green

Colony: Scorpion (Scorpio)

Rank: Lance Corporal

Motto: Semper Fi

Current Assignment: Colonial Marines, Galactica, BSG 75

Current Assignment

To keep information on pilots from the re-imagined series as complete as possible. No pilot is so obscure that they don't deserve mention in the Battlestar Wikipedia.

I also seek to help fil in information gaps using the programmed subtitles on my BG DVD collection.

I have also added a lot of information about some of the Colonial Marines, for reasons you can read above.

Interesting Notes

Reservist in the United States Marine Corps

4th Amphibious Assault Battalion

Bravo Company

2nd Platoon

Jacknsonville, Florida

I prefer lesser known sci-fi shows.

The short-lived TV show Space: Above and Beyond is a personal favorite of mine, and I believe it was a predecessor to darker military-themed sci-fi like the current Battlestar galactica series.