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Age 20
Colony Earth
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Birth Name Scott
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Callsign Kraetos (Formerly BMS)
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I am Kraetos. (I was BMS until 2/7/2006, and am referred to as such on some talk pages.)

Battlestar Galactica has become near religion for me. I watched a small part of the miniseries when it premiered, but found it dark and disturbing (It was the scene on Raganar Anchorage). I did not watch again until I saw the episode Scattered on the Sci-Fi channel and was completley enraptured. I proceeded to buy the first season and the miniseries, and watched it all in a single weekend.

I am a student, and therefore suffer from sleep deprivation in the morning and insomnia at night. My peak hours for editing here are generally between 11 PM and 1 AM EST.

I firmly believe that the quality of this Wiki can only remain strong if the community behind it remains strong as well. Newbies can blossom into superb contributors if given time. Bite the newbies and you might end up like this fellow to the left.

My favorite episodes are 33 and Resurrection Ship, Part II. My favorite characters are Lee and William Adama.

My computer is a MacBook Pro named Zelus (the sister of Kraetos and the demigoddess of wisdom.)

Kraetos is a Greek demigod (son of a Titan and a Goddess) and the personification of strength. The only beings more powerful than Kraetos are God and Chuck Norris.

To Do

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