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"Gizmo Jumpjet" has recently taken a break from political blogging to indulge in some of his more enjoyable if less profound pastimes, such as collecting antiquities and watching sci-fi. Also, college. He was extremely excited to hear about the new Galactica series and was wholly enraged that the Brits got to screen the new series first. He managed to find some comfort in the well-crafted episode guides of the Battlestar Wiki, which will, it is hoped, tide him over until all of the episodes have aired in the United States.


"Gizmo Jumpjet" lives in Houston, Texas and is of Welsh/German extraction. He collects ancient Roman and Greek coins when he has spare cash, focusing particularly on the silver antoniniani of Gordian III. Recently he has decided to begin collecting Victorian ephemera, such as straight razors. He was an avid tabletop wargamer until he realized what a foolish waste of time and money it was.

"Gizmo Jumpjet" was a fan of the original Galactica series, but recently seeing it again on the SciFi channel made him realize how foolish kids can be. He's greatly relieved that the new series seems not to suck. He'd watch it anyway, though, since he loves any story that takes place on a space ship, except Andromeda, because it sucks bigtime.

He is currently working on reading the entire Sherlock Holmes Canon, which can probably be blamed for his recent interest in the the UK's Victorian era. He's very impressed with Holmes' adventures.

"Gizmo Jumpjet" was always a good speller and won't hesitate to hunt out typos, no matter in what dark corner of the wiki they may choose to hide their worthless sevles.

"Gizmo Jumpjet" is extremely good looking, witty, charming, and wealthy, which, as you might imagine, tends to make him rather popular with the ladies. How he manages to find so much time to do things like work on a Battlestar Wiki is anyone's guess...