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Enjoying the new BSG as a major improvement over the old show, which I admittedly also watched reliably in 1978. Interested as well as in the deeper mysteries of the show, including the issues of conflict between AIs and humans.

The wiki's a great resource for what many of us wish to do, analyse and uncover the mysteries of the show. So I've started up a BSG Analysis Blog as a sub-blog on my own site, where you will find theories and analysis that I know you'll find interesting, as well as my "master" timeline that ties it all up as hard SF.

I'm also interested in adding some guest bloggers interested in similar analysis. Contact me if that interests you. The site itself is a popular one (my main blog) with Pagerank 7 which means lots of Google traffic -- in fact the links I'm making to this wiki will boost its own current unfairly low pagerank. There is an RSS feed for those who like to read in a blog aggregator.