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Hello fellow Battlestar Galactica fans!

This website is a great resource for our favorite show. Though other guides are useful and interesting, they don't always contain as many details and reference articles as Battlestar Wiki does.

So far I've mostly been a passive browser of the site, although I'm currently trying to help figure out what Jammer's real last name is. Since his name was only stated in one of the Web episodes, we can't turn to closed captioning. Perhaps Ronald Moore will update the list of credits he posted on his official blog.

Jammer's name[edit]

My theory was that Jammer's name is Lynah. First of all, it sounds like Doral is pronouncing the name with an "L" although other users here think he is using an "M" sound. Initially I thought the name was something like Lanham or Lynam. Then I remembered that Ronald Moore went to Cornell and that he likes to throw in the occasional reference to Cornell in the series. Probably the most popular sport at Cornell is hockey, and all the games take place at Lynah Rink. Mr. Moore attended the college for at least three years before being expelled so I'm certain that he is very familiar with Lynah Rink and its place in Cornell sports history.

UPDATE-Jammer's name has been confirmed as James Lynam. Oh well. I still like my theory, even if it's wrong.

Another Cornell reference[edit]

For another Cornell reference, take a look at the Downloaded episode. In the scene where Caprica Six is visiting with Boomer (the copy on Caprica is informally known as Boomer while the copy in the Galactica brig is known as Sharon, according to Grace Park), Six admires a tabletop sculpture in Boomer's apartment. Boomer says the sculpture is Ithacan. Cornell University is located in Ithaca, New York. Although that town is named after the famous home of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey, it's highly likely that Ronald Moore added that line as a reference to Cornell.

My biographical info[edit]

I haven't had time to type one up. I'm not sure what I want to add here either. I will say that I've been a fan of the new Battlestar Galactica series ever since the 2003 miniseries. That 13-month wait between the miniseries and the start of Season One was almost excruciating. :lol:

As I get more familiar with this site, I will try to make careful edits and add any verifiable information that I can. I think it's pretty neat that some of the actual BSG writers show up on this site to clarify facts about the show. Thanks to Bradley Thompson for his contributions and thanks to everyone who is working on this site.