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Template:WWW High Traffic

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BSG WIKI Web Traffic.png This article has been linked from a high traffic site.
On {{{date}}}, this page was linked from [{{{url}}} {{{site}}}], a high-traffic website.


Add this template to the top of the talk page associated with the page that is linked from a high-traffic site.

  • date: The date on which you added this template to the talk page, e.g. date=30 September 2022.
  • url: The URL (including the http:// prefix) of the site that is going to hit this article heavily, e.g.
  • site: The simple description of the website, e.g. Slashdot.
  • small: Set this to Y if you placed this on an article front page.
    • site, url, and date do not apply then.

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