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This template is used by the Vote Bot is displaying the votes that tallied. It will only show base on what is greater than 0. A passing grade for the Battlestar Wiki is measured at 80% or higher, however, all BW:RFA's and BW:RFB's still have to be approved even if support is over or at 80%. All vote summaries get placed inside {{votes}} on the BW:VOTE page. Only pages tagged with {{vote-bot}} will get processed.

Example Code & Output

| page= Battlestar Wiki talk:Think Tank/Video Ext
| delete= 0
| keep= 0
| support= 1
| oppose=1
| neutral= 2
| abstain= 2
| totalvotes= 6
| typetotal= 4
Battlestar Wiki talk:Think Tank/Video Ext
Symbol support vote.svg Support Votes Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose Votes Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral Votes Symbol abstain vote.png Abstain Votes
1 (17%) 1 (17%) 2 (34%) 2 (34%)
Total Votes: 6