Template:Game Data

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This template is used on Battlestar Wiki article pages that deal with games of all types (analog and digital). It provides lowercase parameters only.


{{Game Data
| image=
| alt= 
| title=
| series=
| installmentno=
| developer=
| publisher=
| director=
| writer=
| composer=
| platform=
| genre=
| game=
| released=
| prev=
| next=
| links=
| amazon=
| official=
| msft=
| psn=
| stream=

Required parameters

  • title: The title.
  • prev: Previous item in the series. Please wikify.
  • next: Next item in the series. Please wikify.

Optional parameters

  • image: Just the filename of the image, excluding "File:" or "Image:" prefixes.
  • alt: Alternate Text to show for the image.
  • series: Insert three letter code. Default is rdm.
    • tos, 1980, caprica, none, and mix.
  • installationno: Number in which this game falls in the chronology.
  • developer: Developer of the game. Can wikify.
  • publisher: Publisher of the game. Can wikify.
  • writer: Writer(s) of the game. Can wikify.
  • composer: Composer(s) for the music in the game. Can wikify.
  • platform: Platforms that the game was released for. Typically used for digital game versions.
  • genre: Type of game, e.g. "Strategy Game," "Turn-Based," etc. Can be multiple different types.
  • game: Type of media for the game, e.g. "Board Game," "Video Game," et al.
  • released: In ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format, e.g. 2006-02-17. Must not be wikilinked.

Link paramaters

  • links: "Y" for links. REQUIRED.
  • amazon: The unique Amazon.com number.
  • official: URL of the official site, beginning with either http:// or https://.
  • msft: URL for Microsoft app link.
  • psn: URL for PlayStation Network (PSN) app link.
  • stream: URL for Stream link.