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Template:Crew portal

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This template is used to create a small infobox for crew personal on the Battlestar Wiki crew portal pages.


{{Crew Portal
| image=
| link=
| name= 
| series=
| season=
| episode=
| miniseries=

Required parameters

  • link: The vaild link to their userpage.
  • episode: Episode link. [[33|1]]
  • season: Only for RDM series (Seasons 1 through 4)

Optional parameters

  • image: The image. RDMcrop.jpg
  • series: Only options are tos and 1980. You can leave this field out if this is an RDM episode. Default is: RDM.

RDM paramerters

  • miniseries: If their were part of the miniseries, this is the only field you need. episode, season, and series are invalid.